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"Ode to Chang'an" City Wall Light and Shadow Show

《長安頌》試演依托永寧門的建筑特點及周邊環境,借助投影、燈光、水幕等設施,全方位的展現西安十三朝古都、三千年文化積淀的人文歷史景觀。LAX參與到整場演出的擴聲系統,現場過百只LAX 雙十寸線陣LD210、超低音OPL218B和防水全頻揚聲器FP12A+。

The audition of "Ode to Chang'an" relies on the architectural features of Yongningmen and the surrounding environment, with projections, lights, water curtains and other facilities to fully display the cultural and historical landscape of Xi'an's thirteen dynasty ancient capital and three thousand years of cultural accumulation. LAX participated in the sound reinforcement system of the entire performance. There were over a hundred LAX double ten-inch linear array LD210, subwoofer OPL218B and waterproof full-range speaker FP12A+.